Dentures are a custom-made removable replacement for all or some missing teeth. Dentures replace missing teeth in addition to restore appearance and regain any lost oral function. 

What are full and partial dentures?

Dentures (commonly referred to as false teeth) are artificial tooth and gums used to replace all or some missing teeth. Depending on individual needs, full or partial dentures will be recommended.  

Full dentures are recommended when all natural teeth are removed. Full dentures include a plastic base that is colored to match gum tissues and a full set of artificial teeth. A full denture set is held in the mouth by forming a seal with the gums. In some cases, full dentures are held in place by attaching to dental implants. The dental implant would be surgically placed in the jawbone.

Partial dentures are recommended to restore the look and function of teeth when not all need to be removed. Partial dentures are made with a plastic base over a metal framework to support the teeth that need to be replaced. The removable partial denture is made to attach to the natural teeth. Crowns may need to be added to natural teeth in order to improve the fit of the partial denture.

Full and partial dentures services in Reno, Nevada

To ensure patient comfort and convenience, our Reno office has an in-house lab to guarantee quality control and customized restorations for each patient.  Our in-house lab allows us to offer same-day repairs for full and partial dentures in addition to in-house relines for dentures. Conveniently located in Reno, our dentists serve surrounding northern Nevada communities.  

How are dentures made?

When a tooth is lost or extracted, the socket will start to fill in with bone and gum tissue. Once the gum and bone are healed and reach a stable shape a series of impressions are made of the tissues that will support the dentures. On average, it takes a total of five appointments to ensure proper sizing and bite as we build the denture. During the first month of wearing dentures additional adjustments may need to be made for proper fit and comfort.  

If needed, an immediate denture can be made and inserted the day that a natural tooth is extracted. The immediate denture serves as a “bandage” to protect the extraction sites and ensures you are never without teeth, even during the healing period.

How to maintain and care for dentures

Both full and partial dentures will need to be cared for similar to natural teeth. Dentures should be brushed to remove plaque and food particles. Once dentures are brushed, they should be soaked in clean water and left out overnight. We will work closely with each patient to create a personalized care plan for regular cleanings and daily maintenance.

Have more questions?

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